Fabrics & Leathers

When it comes to selecting the right fabric or leather for your furniture you'll want the widest possible choice to match your home and your lifestyle. La-Z-Boy UK models are available in the fabric and leather colourways detailed below and a choice of static, manual or power options. To help you choose the right upholstery, we've developed a handy fabric and leather selector so you can view the options available for each product.

  • Alpine Beige
  • Alpine Chocolate
  • Alpine Mocha
  • Alpine Rust
  • Amaze Charcoal
  • Amaze Chocolate
  • Amaze Cream
  • Ashton Chocolate
  • Ashton Dove Grey
  • Ashton Mink
  • Ashton Rose
  • Ashton Sage
  • Ashton Slate
  • Cagney Duck Egg
  • Cagney Earth
  • Cagney Flax
  • Cagney Fudge
  • Cagney Marble
  • Cagney Olive
  • Cagney Purple
  • Cagney Silver
  • Cagney Terracotta
  • Clooney Duck Egg
  • Clooney Earth
  • Clooney Flax
  • Clooney Fudge
  • Clooney Marble
  • Clooney Olive
  • Clooney Purple
  • Clooney Silver
  • Clooney Terracotta
  • DeNero Duck Egg
  • DeNero Earth
  • DeNero Flax
  • DeNero Fudge
  • DeNero Marble
  • DeNero Olive
  • DeNero Purple
  • DeNero Silver
  • DeNero Terracotta
  • Egypt Aubergine
  • Egypt Champagne
  • Egypt Chestnut
  • Egypt Chocolate
  • Egypt Duck Egg
  • Egypt Ebony
  • Egypt Graphite
  • Egypt Latte
  • Egypt Lime
  • Egypt Mint
  • Egypt Nutmeg
  • Egypt Red
  • Egypt Stone
  • Inspiration Avocado
  • Inspiration Burnt Orange
  • Inspiration Espresso
  • Inspiration Gold
  • Inspiration Midnight
  • Inspiration Shiraz
  • Inspiration Stone
  • Inspiration Teal
  • Keaton Duck Egg
  • Keaton Earth
  • Keaton Flax
  • Keaton Fudge
  • Keaton Marble
  • Keaton Olive
  • Keaton Purple
  • Keaton Silver
  • Keaton Terracotta
  • Lisbon Beige
  • Lisbon Chocolate
  • Lisbon Ebony
  • Lisbon Grey
  • Lisbon Red
  • Lisbon Silver
  • McQueen Duck Egg
  • McQueen Earth
  • McQueen Flax
  • McQueen Fudge
  • McQueen Marble
  • McQueen Olive
  • McQueen Purple
  • McQueen Silver
  • Patchwork
  • Sinatra Duck Egg
  • Sinatra Earth
  • Sinatra Flax
  • Sinatra Fudge
  • Sinatra Marble
  • Sinatra Olive
  • Sinatra Purple
  • Sinatra Silver
  • Sinatra Terracotta
  • YL15017 Mint Green
  • YL15017 Natural
  • Grade A - Black
  • Grade A - Chestnut
  • Grade A - Claret
  • Grade A - Cotton
  • Grade A - Earth
  • Grade A - Forest
  • Grade A - Grey
  • Grade A - Ivory
  • Grade A - Mocha
  • Grade A - Pacific
  • Grade A - Red
  • Grade A - Tabac
  • Grade A - Tan
  • Grade B - Aqua
  • Grade B - Bordeaux
  • Grade B - Bournville
  • Grade B - Burnt Orange
  • Grade B - Chestnut
  • Grade B - Damson
  • Grade B - Eclipse
  • Grade B - Grey
  • Grade B - Lime
  • Grade B - Lipstick
  • Grade B - Mahogany
  • Grade B - Marble
  • Grade B - Oat
  • Grade B - Taupe
  • Grade B - Vanilla
  • Grade B - Walnut
  • Grade C - Cognac
  • Grade C - Dark Oak
  • Grade C - Espresso
  • Grade C - Ranch
  • Grade C - Truffle
  • Grade D - Charcoal
  • Grade D - Cloud
  • Grade D - Cocoa
  • Grade D - Coffee
  • Grade D - Cream
  • Grade D - Noir
  • Grade D - Pure White
  • Grade D - Taupe

Leather Grades

The grade of leather generally identifies the price range of the furniture. Similar to diamonds, leather furniture consists of different grades and if you are willing to pay more, you will typically get a more sumptuous and unique piece of leather furniture. There are several different types of leather that would, in turn, demand different prices. Listed below are the more common grades of leather used in the manufacture of La-Z-Boy furniture. Being familiar with the different grades available will allow you to understand exactly what you are purchasing and make a more informed judgement on your purchase. Please note the samples of grades shown are only representative, no two pieces of natural leather will be exactly the same.



Properties and characteristics

Sample of grade



Grade A leather is an extremely durable grade of leather. This leather is a corrected grain, which means it has gone through a process of being pigmented and buffed in the tannery , this process will conceal some of the natural characteristics of the leather such as scars and veins. However as leather is a natural product some imperfections will still be visible on the finished piece of furniture.



Grade B leather is also a corrected grain, however the selection process used for determining which hides can used for grade B means that the leather is not as heavily corrected and pigmented as grade A, but it still maintains its durability. Which in turn means that the leather is very soft to the touch and is still very durable. As with all natural leather furniture in the La-Z-Boy UK range imperfections will still be visible, this is a sign that your quality furniture is made from natural leather.



Grade C is a semi-analine leather, only the finest Italian hides are selected for this grade. The leather has received a minimal amount of grain correction at the tannery, therefore some of the natural imperfections of the hide will still be visible. The leather has been lightly buffed and a micro pigment has been applied to dye the surface of the leather, it is then lightly embossed and the top coat of pigment is applied by a fine roller coating. The finished leather is extremely luxurious and soft to the touch.



Grade D is a semi-analine leather and has gone through the same process and selection criteria as grade C. The main difference between grade C and grade D is the origin and thickness of the hides used. The hides used for grade D leather are from the U.S.A and are much thicker and have a more pronounced grain than the Italian hides used for grade C. This leather is also extremely luxurious and soft to the touch. You can expect to see life marks such as scars and veins on this top quality hide, these natural characteristics are a sign that this leather is of the very highest quality.

10 Year Guarantee