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Recliner options

Whether you prefer to power down at the end of a day at the touch of a button or launch yourself into relaxation with the flick of a lever, La-Z-Boy UK has the product for you. Most La-Z-Boy UK products are available in either manual recline, power recline or static options, so you can choose the right option to match your lifestyle.

Power recline - The power to recline at the touch of a button

  • Powered back and leg rest adjustable to any position
  • Synchronous operation feature allows leg rest to raise whilst reclining back
  • Smooth and effortless operation moves from sitting to fully-reclined in seconds
  • Quiet and stable base provides consistent reclining operation
  • Exclusive La-Z-Boy back support fully supports lower back in all positions

Manual recline (latch release) - Manual reclining controlled by you

  • Manual back rest adjustable to any position
  • Independent operation allows leg rest to raise without reclining back
  • Fluid and smooth transition from sitting to fully-reclined
  • Manually-controlled reclining function

Rocker recliner -A manual recliner designed to rock you into a dreamy state

  • Gentle reclining function offering three comfortable positions
  • Independently-controlled back recline
  • Twelve ratchet system offering 18 different comfort levels

Lift ‘n' Rise recliner -Exclusively designed to ease you gently into a sitting or standing position

  • Unique frame-in-frame design with nil entrapment, offering the ultimate in safety and stability
  • Independently-controlled back and leg rest
  • Easy-to-use control functions
  • Power-assisted standing, sitting and recline functions
  • Battery back-up offering peace of mind during a power failure
  • Triple motor function offering optimum performance and support

To find out more about La-Z-Boy UK's Lift ‘n' Rise products please click here.


Here at La-Z-Boy UK we pride ourselves on our high quality furniture. Each of our products goes through strenuous checks to ensure consistent quality standards. However if something does go wrong, you're in safe hands as all La-Z-Boy products are covered under the La-Z-Boy UK warranty.

For more information on La-Z-Boy UK's warranty service, download this document.

To make a claim under the La-Z-Boy UK warranty, please contact the retailer from whom you bought the product, ensuring you have proof of purchase to hand.

Service and Repair

In January 2013 Servico Ind Ltd was appointed as a nationwide supplier to service all La-Z-Boy UK Furniture.

Established in 2001, Servico is one of the UK's leading national furniture repairers which specialises in furniture restoration, leather repair and furniture repair.

All technicians are qualified upholsterers who have undergone full training. They will also receive ongoing training to ensure that they have the requisite knowledge and skills to carry out work on La-Z-Boy UK products past and present.

Travelling in branded uniforms and vehicles, the technicians will be easily identifiable, providing peace of mind for any La-Z-Boy customer.

Any repair requests must be made through the La-Z-Boy retailer from which you purchased your furniture. They will then notify La-Z-Boy UK by using this complaint form.

To find out more about Servico, visit or speak to your nearest La-Z-Boy UK retailer.


By working with our internationally-recognised logistics partner, Andrew Porter Ltd, deliveries are made directly to our retailer network on a daily basis. With great attention to care and detail, you can rest assured that your La-Z-Boy UK product will arrive safely and on time.

If you would prefer to have your furniture delivered directly to your home, then please ask your retailer about our home delivery service, available upon request for an additional cost.


Upholstery care

Whether you prefer fabric or leather, La-Z-Boy UK offers a wide selection of upholstery options to suit you – whatever your lifestyle. During 2011, La-Z-Boy UK reviewed its portfolio of covers and introduced more than 60 new options, including luxury leathers and super-soft fabrics.

Double-tumbled for complete comfort, La-Z-Boy UK's fabric options will take you to new levels of relaxation, whilst our leather covers will add sophisticated style to any room.

All of our fabrics and leathers go through La-Z-Boy's strict testing procedures and are tested for abrasion, seam slippage, durability and stress, often exceeding British standards. For more information on how to care for your leather furniture, please download this handy leaflet.

La-Z-Boy Incorporated's customer care videos provide handy hints and tips on how you can look after your furniture. To find out more, check this You Tube channel. Please note that the products you see in these videos are by La-Z-Boy Incorporated and not available in the UK.

10 Year Guarantee