Serena three seater sofa

The traditional La-Z-Boy comfort of Serena makes any house a home, offering you a peaceful haven to relax and unwind.

Featuring a high back, full chaise legrest and wide, padded arms, this Serena three seater sofa is styled with elegant stitching and has optional contrast trim colourways.

Serena is available as a power recliner, manual recliner or static model in a wide selection of leather and fabric upholstery options.


Dimensions are Length x Depth x Height in centimetres.


Three Seater Power Recliner 217 94 99

Three Seater Manual recliner 217 94 99

Three Seater Static 217 94 102

Recliner options

Available in the following recliner options

  • Static
  • Power
  • Manual


Serena three seater sofa  main image
Serena three seater sofa  image 1 Serena three seater sofa  image 2 Serena three seater sofa  image 3 Serena three seater sofa  image 4
Mezzo Two Tone
Ice White & Mink leather swatch Ice White & Mink
Ice White & Parchment leather swatch Ice White & Parchment
Ice White & Hessian leather swatch Ice White & Hessian
Mink & Ice White leather swatch Mink & Ice White
Mink & Hessian leather swatch Mink & Hessian
Parchment & Ice White leather swatch Parchment & Ice White
Parchment & Mink leather swatch Parchment & Mink
Parchment & Squirrel Grey leather swatch Parchment & Squirrel Grey
Ebony & Fog leather swatch Ebony & Fog
Fog & Ebony leather swatch Fog & Ebony
Fog & Silver Haze leather swatch Fog & Silver Haze
Ebony & Silver Haze leather swatch Ebony & Silver Haze
Fog & Squirrel Grey leather swatch Fog & Squirrel Grey
Navy & Fog leather swatch Navy & Fog
Silver Haze & Ebony leather swatch Silver Haze & Ebony
Silver Haze & Fog leather swatch Silver Haze & Fog
Squirrel Grey & Fog leather swatch Squirrel Grey & Fog
Hessian & Ice White leather swatch Hessian & Ice White
Hessian & Mink leather swatch Hessian & Mink
Tutti Two Tone
Cloud & Midnight leather swatch Cloud & Midnight
Midnight & Cloud leather swatch Midnight & Cloud
Midnight & Steel leather swatch Midnight & Steel
Wool & Espresso leather swatch Wool & Espresso
Wool & Taupe leather swatch Wool & Taupe

Designed and Manufactured in Britain

The Made in Britain campaign is a movement designed to bring together the manufacturing community in the UK, awarding companies who manufacture their products in Britain a collective mark we can use on our products and communications.

The mark proudly demonstrates La-Z-Boy’s commitment to supporting the local economy and community.

You can identify our UK manufactured products by the Made in Britain flag on the product’s photos.

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